SFB - 290

Project B6

Electronic properties of thin metal films under substrate influenced growth conditions

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Free University of Berlin

Prof. Dr. K. Lüders

Institute of experimental physics
FU Berlin,
Arnimallee 14
14195 Berlin, Germany

Fon:(030) 838 - 3719
Fax:(030) 838 - 513 55
Technical University of Berlin

Prof. Dr. W. Richter, Dr. N. Esser

Institute of solid state physics
TU Berlin, Secretary PN 6-1
Hardenbergstraße 36
10623 Berlin, Germany

Fon:(030) 314 - 22078, 24821
Fax:(030) 314 - 21769
Scientific staff
General project description
Ultra thin metallic layers with substrate influenced structure and morphology are controlled to be manufactured and the electrical conductivity of these layers is to be examined. For some of the systems of interest there are already some measurements from the past years. Especially for the system Sn on InSb (110) a structural phase transition was observed. In the ongoing research this system is further investigated and particular the morphology of the grown film is considered for the first time. Surfactant mediated growth and forming of alloys are further points of interest. Bi-layers and Sn / Bi-alloys as well as other non-reactive metals such as Ag, In, Ga, and Pb are considered as candidates for further structure correlated conductivity investigations. In comparison to thin metal films, optical and magnetooptical properties and the electronic structure of cleaned metal surfaces are also investigated.
Subproject I Subproject II
Conductivity and Structure Growth, Morphology and Optical Characterization
  • electronic and magnetical properties of thin metal films
  • conductivity and magneto-conductivity
  • ac- and dc-susceptibility
  • in-situ characterization with LEED, Raman, and Auger measurements
  • ex-situ characterization of the sample morphology with atomic force microscopy
  • Spectroscopic Magneto Optic Kerr Effect
  • Optical properties of metal surfaces and layers
  • Study of clean and oxygen-covered Ag surfaces using optical reflectance anisotropy
    V. Fernandez, D. Pahlke, N. Esser, K. Stahrenberg, O. Hunderi, A. M. Bradshaw, W. Richter -- Surface Science 377-379, p. 388 (1997)
  • Weak Localization and Electron-Electron Interaction in Ultrahin Antimony Films
    B.A. Hermann, I. Didschuns, P.Haier, M. Köpp, N. Esser, U. Resch-Esser, W. Richter, K. Lüders -- phys. stat. sol. (b) 205, p. 241 (1998)
  • Influence of the deposition rate on the structure of thin metal layers
    P. Haier, B.A. Hermann, N. Esser, U. Pietsch, K. Lüders, and W. Richter -- Thin solid films 318, p. 223 (1997)
  • Surfactant-mediated growth of indium on GaAs(001)
    S. Schintke, U. Resch-Esser, N. Esser, A. Krost, W. Richter, B.O. Fimland Surf. Sc. 377-379, p. 953 (1997)
  • Angle Resolved Light Scattering Measurements on In/GaAs(001) and In/Sb/GaAs(001)
    V.A. Steligov, S. Schintke, K. Hinrichs, A.M. Frisch, N. Esser, and W. Richter -- Proc. of the Int. Conf. On Surface and Interface Optics, Ålesund, p. 107 (1997)

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