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"A TRAIN" online!!!
Song with bar athmosphere and vocals, new, almost final version available!!!

Recently, finishing the mixdown doing the last recordings for the INCOMPLETE Album, the name is kind of refering to this never reachable image of the songs which is in my mind, but never on record. I'm dealing with more recording qualitiy problems and samples of instruments are hard to include in acoustic recorded arrangements. It'll be finished soon ...
This is the Solo-Project Page of DEZIBELDIRK.

I'm writing, recording, arranging, playing, programing and producing all my songs as independent HomeProductions. As a quite unknown artist in Berlin, Germany it is a pleasure for me to show you my songs. Music for me is expressing something, that can not be described in words and something that is much more general and for everyone individually to understand. Music is emotion.
Listen to my Songs !
In the last two years,
three releases, SUMMER OF JESS, TECHNO OR SHOULD I !?! and INCOMPLETE, have been evolved and i try to make them reachable for everyone.
Creative Commons License
This work by dezibeldirk is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Germany License
Which means you're welcome to do with the content whatever you like, you just have to mention my name and the work you develop with my work has to be under the same cc-license.
There is a huge variety for live-events, that's for sure, you can even book dezibeldirk for one evening. i'm just one person... but there will be workshops on audio recording software, songwriting and even guitar lessons.
The next live gig is with " OPERATORS " though, my amaizing six people rock band, we'll play at maxim on the 11th of june, check Operators @ Myspace 
Listen to my recent influences, start my .

You can listen to full song versions, which are always work in progress projects, and frequently updated. The songs have not been mastered, there might be incompartibleties with some speakers.

2. Album

length unknown

start playlist 

01. morning 04:06
02. 4strings 05:36
03. the day after 04:09
04. jd feat. jyly 05:00
05. a train 03:22
06. coast drive 03:54
07. sixswing 04:42
08. funky room 03:33
09. in dritten raum 03:33
10. hot in the 90's 02:03
11. riding to rock 03:48
12. hypnotize 05:28
13. love blues feat. toerst 04:14
14. livingroom session 05:40
15. save me feat jyly 03:04
16. dune 04:14
17. dusk ??:??
EP      20.03.2010

27:12 min

start playlist 

01. early nineties printer 04:17
02. grand piano 04:55
03. feeling drive 05:27
04. techno or should i ?!? 09:02
05. on the way to the cosmic gate 03:30
1. Album 17.10.2008

65:03 min

start playlist 
01. night in thoughts 06:16
02. let go 06:29
03. orbiting satellite 07:26
04. tuesdays 05:32
05. stadtregen 06:12
06. electro 06:00
07. potential 06:40
08. drops 06:57
09. nobody knows 04:24
10. chill feat. toerst 04:34
11. contact 04:54

complete album download
(.mp3 74MB)
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