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About us

rpm marine power offers reliable services and fullfills all uprising work around motorboats and sailing yachts.

Our mobile and nimble product support service will reach you immidiately anywhere around the Balears and anytime you wish.

rpm marine power is specialiced in installations, repairs, maintance and servicing all kinds of diesel engines, alternators and generators.

We supply spare parts of all well-known engine producers.
Please see our spare parts section.

Last not least, our uncomplicated after-sail-service takes care of the ideal state of your yacht.

rpm marine power – Pros at work

Michael Richrath discovered his love of yacht sports after he completed his apprenticeship to become a mechanic in Germany.

To be able to combine his favourite hobby, which is sailing, with his passion for engines, he founded rpm marine power.

Today, rpm marine power takes care of the professional servicing of numerous yachts.

Under the competent supervision of Michael Richrath, rpm marine power will help you anywhere immidiately in an uncomplicated way.

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