Semiconductor Reconstruction Database


Galliumarsenide (GaAs) (001)

Indiumarsenide (InAs) (001)

Galliumphosphide (GaP) (001)

Indiumphosphide (InP) (001)

Zincselenide (ZnSe) (001)

Zincsufide (ZnS) (001)


This little collection of data around semiconductor surfaces should be a help to everyone, who often needs some special informations or a literature reference. It is still under construction.

Among the various well know known methods reference spectra for reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy (RAS) are shown. RAS is a nondestructive surface sensitive optical method for the characterisation of surfaces. In contrast to RHEED or LEED it is more sensitive to the chemical environment and therefore an ideal complement to these. A typical RAS-setup, the theorie and further information can be found at the Begalehole ellipsometry site.

I have tried to collect all informations about a reconstruction here together with a literature reference. If you feel something missing and you would like to contribute comment or complain, please mail me:

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