On this page you will find everything, that is related to centaurs. The mystic blend of animal and human body, gaining the best of both worlds, fascinates myself as long as I know. Going back to my childhood days, an old tome from my great-grandmother (maybe 100 years old [the tome, silly]) of fairytales of Hans Christian Anderson (in old-german letters) was the first contact to this mythic world.

After that, centaurs were occuring only rarely (and I certainly cannot draw), until in 1991 I discovered first the internet and finally in 1994 the WWW. Now, in days of internet a centaur is much more common thing, furrydom may be soon considered even a acknowledged church ;-) (as our firewall denies access to werwolf sites: "Alternate religions is not allowed")

Being fascinated by centaurs and completely unable to draw them, even if I have the clear image in mind, I wrote stories about them. In german of course, since the ability to express is important to a good story. And only a very few can even claim to be good even in two languages. (The only example I know is Stanilaw Lem.)

So, what is here on this site? First a video and then my stories, as long as they contain centaurs/taurs.



UFO-YakisobaSF 1.55 MB
Yes, there are japanese centaurs. Watch the video (Divx 4.12-format)! Unfourtunately the first five seconds are missing, and I never saw this adverticement again. What a pity!
(The certainly not price winning text and naration is saying (as you can nearly guess by yourself if you know, that "umai" means delicious):
"This yakisoba (grilled noodles) is delicious"
"UFO-sauce is delicious"
"Tasty yakisoba - UFO" (any combination missing?)
The last shot, she probably advertices for a telefon- or fan-card. (Hirosue is a name, probably of the actor. Text says with this picture-smell-card, you can win(?) 2000 yen present. The Kanji combination for the cards name does not make sence, according to my dictionaries ... )

UFO-Yakisoba -- take 2 3.12 MB
The quest of the japanese centaurs for hot water continues. No new narration, but this time at least a complete storyline. (And the finishing image now advertises for the new small size product, as you would have guessed.)


As said before, this is in german language - sorry.

Träge fließen die Tage SFFurry* (von Markus Pristovsek) Geschrieben 1992/94-99
Zwei Raumfahrer, die in näherer Zukunft losfliegen. Als sie nach 1500 Jahren zurückkehren, werde sie mit einer völlig anderen Welt konfrontiert: Aliens auf der Erde, menschgemachte. Aber Menschheit und ihre Erben sind sich nicht grün ...

Marik SFFurry* (von Markus Pristovsek) Geschrieben 1994-98
Eine Reihe von Geschichten von dem recht erfolglosen Raumfahrer Marik, die auch einzeln gelesen werden könnten. Zentaur nur in Kapitel 2, 3 und 7.

Könnten wir Ihren Dosenöffner haben? SFFurry* (von Markus Pristovsek) 9 kB Geschrieben 1995
Zuerst kommt das Essen!

R.E.M. SF*NEUER (von Markus Pristovsek) 31 kB Geschrieben 2000/01
Vom Wirkungen und Nebenwirkungen des neuen Traumgenerators.

Von den höheren Formen FantasyFurry* (von Markus Pristovsek) 45 kB Geschrieben 2000/01
Ein Leben als freakiger Diener eines Zauberes -- da sagt doch jeder lieber Nein!

Für Volk und Vaterland SFFurryNEUER (von Markus Pristovsek) 18 kB Geschrieben 1999
Neue Perspektiven für eine Praktikantin des Präsidenten.
Geschichte zu dem Bild von Larry Elmore ,,Centaur 2001" von Larry Elmore.

Other 'taurs


As said before, this is in german language - sorry.

Nebenwirkungen PhantastikFurry* (von Markus Pristovsek) 22 kB Geschrieben 1992/99
Wer ist hier verrückt? (veröffentlicht in SX-110)

Frost im Sommer SFFurry* (von Markus Pristovsek) 51 kB Geschrieben 1995?
Tagebuch eines Ex-Menschen auf einem mit Hilfe der Außerirdischen besiedelten kalten Eisplaneten. Oder: Freuden und Leiden des alten Pravlak.

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